As You Flew Away

You’ll come to understand that

I’ve explored the mountain peaks

Walked through the different valleys

And eaten the strange fruit that

Grew from the sex, love and pain of



So believe me when I say that

I’ll go through hell just to create

Heaven here on earth with you.


I’m not going to force any kind of

Change upon you because I trust

That my love and time will do

All the things that I can’t do alone.


I realize that you’re gone but can

You tell me why I keep seeing

The instant replays of better days

Whenever I close my eyes

I don’t even have to think about you

And your shadow comes to haunt me.


There was this silence between us

That communicated all the things

We just couldn’t express.


But tonight the air was thick with

The smell of you I wanted to call

Your name but had no voice to speak

All I could do is listen and watch  

As you expressed yourself to me.


We didn’t make love we created magic

In those short days and nights that we

Spent in between  heaven and earth

I knew that happiness doesn’t last always

That’s why I didn’t try to clip your wings.


I wanted to hold on but the need to let go

Was to strong so I released you and cried

Inside as you flew away.
© prolificpenman – all rights reserved 2017

Remain In Him

The toughest battles we will ever have to face in life are the ones against ourselves, and by not allowing God to have His way in our life we replace God’s plan with our own.In John 15:5 there is one key word called “remain”. To me it simply means that we must resist the urge to follow our own lead and not only let Jesus to take the lead, but also to keep that lead at all times. Simply because He knows what’s is best for us Isaiah 55:8-9. Our connection to God depends on the fruit we bear, He has made it very clear that we’ll never be able to accomplish anything meaningful for Him without being connectioned to His Son.

I Love You