It’s not that I have fully grassed it but I have come to understand that God is the Author of my book and I am the one who must be willing to finish the story that He has already written out for me, I also realise that my fate and faith must work together because I refuse to allow any chance that God is willing to give me to catch both me and my heart off guard. ~ penman’s notes


Why Men Wear Makeup

*Before I get into this blog post let me state that what I am speaking of isn’t physical but spiritual*  

Men wear makeup to disguise the pain we feel, the brokenness that no one sees, we wear it to hide the loneliness that we feel or even to blend in with a crowd that we are designed to stand out from. We choose to wear makeup do the physical and emotional abuse that we have suffered and lived though, the lack of trust within us to succeed and change our own personal situation makes us cake up our makeup in  order to be seen as a man who has it all together. However, when we are ready to stop wearing makeup we come to find out that in order to become a real man means that we have to be able to not only handle the pressure but also lift the weight of all our personal decision. A real man begins to understand that the pressure to prove one’s own self to himself, to find Mrs. Right, to change wrongs into rights, to stand up and face his past, to accept what he can change and let go of what he can’t is really great. A real man learns how to change anger into personal power and stops acting out in order to get the attention that has only yielded negative rewards. He becomes consciously aware of not only the words that he speaks but he is also mindful of the actions that he displays. The choice to remove our makeup comes from two reason one is the earnestness to fix self this means that we have made the choice to stop blaming and others for our actions, we in a sense are ready to look in the mirror in order to take a real look at who we are. The second reason is the love of a real women, see the nature of a real women encourages us to remove our makeup and expose our true selves to them it is the love, acceptance, belief and encouragement that allows us to allow others to see who we really are. Their love gives us the extra confidence or swag to hold our heads up high and walk proud with our flaws in all. But hey the truth is that we still have to apply our makeup every morning before we leave our house because the world expects us to be the father, the husband and mentor not only to our house but also within the community that we live in.

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